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Generating Gross Margins

AgMargins is a web-based gross margin calculator and reporting tool for broadacre and horticultural crops across Queensland. This will enable the production of readily updated crop gross margin information that can be used by landholders to assess production costs and farm management decisions.

AgMargins™ can be used to generate agricultural gross margins. A gross margin is the difference between the gross income and variable costs of producing a commodity. This will assist farmers in making short-term decisions to increase profitability. Variable costs include those associated with crop operations, harvesting and marketing. Gross margins are quoted on a per hectare basis, and also per ML for irrigated crops.

What can it do...

AgMargins™ has been developed for farmers, consultants and researchers to give current estimates of commodity gross margins. It will:

  • Reduce the time needed to update gross margins for changes in commodity and input prices
  • Ensure consistency in the method used to generate gross margins, by minimising pricing and yield inconsistencies
  • Provide regionally specific gross margins based on appropriate yield expectations and input prices
  • Enable annual update of prices across commodities and regions
  • Provide a non-biased analysis for all major production regions
  • Enable routine update of gross margins in response to changes in technologies and practices
  • Be used to investigate new production opportunities across regions


For queries regarding the use of AgMarginstm please leave a detailed message with your contact details and a member of the AgMarginstm team will respond as soon as possible to discuss your needs.